About Me

I live in Oxfordshire with 4 horses, 6 dogs, a gecko and a husband. My life generally revolves around all the animals. I’ve been lucky to own several very beautiful Lusitano horses who you can see with me in the slideshow above. Sidney, my lovely young hunter is there as well. The dogs are all sighthounds, they are the perfect dogs for an artist- beautiful looking and happy to sleep on my feet while I work but get up and play when I need a break. I never tire of watching them run for joy.


I read Biological Sciences at Oxford University, but fairly quickly realised that the only part that I was really enjoying was the drawing we had to do. I have always drawn and painted and I can't really think of a better job than being able to do one of my favourite things all day! Even better, I get to go out and meet other people's lovely animals.


I started hunting as a teenager with the VWH, but life got in the way and I moved and so didn’t get to hunt for a while. Now I hunt with the Old Berks Hunt, in Oxfordshire. I try to hunt as often as I can, always taking a camera with me. I’ve had a camera case made to fit on my saddle so I can take photos while riding, but I get my best photos when I follow on foot. Last season I decided to add to my animal portraits with some paintings from my hunting photographs. Hunting is always beautiful- the hounds, the horses, the countryside… I’m so lucky to have access to such great inspiration for my work.


I'm afraid that I will not be able to accept orders for photographic prints till further notice.