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I've had some of my favourite paintings made into limited edition Giclee prints.  Giclee prints are fine art prints using archival ink which doesn't fade on beautiful paper.  The company who do my giclee prints are fabulous and have a fantastic eye for colour and detail, and even I am hard pressed to work out which is the original and which is the print.  Please visit my print gallery to see, and maybe buy the prints.  Prices start at £20 for an A4 print.





I've had some of my photographs made into lovely greetings cards.  There are two sizes, large (A5) and smaller (A6).  Part of the profit from the sales of the hunting cards will go to the Old Berks Hunt.  Please follow the links to see the different ranges of cards.


A5 (larger) Cards  :  £2 per card

A6 (smaller) Cards  :  £1 per card  

THE 2013 Old Berks Hunting Calendar

I have had this printed using photos I took hunting with the Old Berks last season.  The profit from the sale of the calendar goes to the Old Berks Hunt.

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